Smart Technologies

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SmartTechnologies - HughesNet Gen5 makes your Internet pop.

With HughesNet Gen5 you get built-in SmartTechnologies that compress and optimize the Web content so pages load exceedingly fast.

This new technology is only available with HughesNet Gen5.

SmartTechnologies with HughesNet shrinks Web data up to 30 percent. allowing you to download more content using less data. Dramatically faster downloads make browsing much more enjoyable and give you more time to do what you like online.

HughesNet SmartTechnologies are included with every service plan. Continue browsing even if you have exceeded your data. SmartTechnologies make it happen.

Download the HughesNet app to monitor data, pay a bill, buy a data token and more.

With HughesNet Gen5 there are no hard data limits so you never have to worry about interruptions. The HughesNet Gen5 SmartTechnologies customer is working smart, saving time, saving money and loving their Internet.

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