New Features

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HughesNet Gen5 - Great New Features

Faster Speeds

  • HughesNet Gen5 gives you an amazing 25Mbps download speed and 3Mbps uploads.
  • Faster download speed - 25 Mbps - comes standard with every plan.
  • HughesNet Gen5 is the fastest satellite Internet service and is available to everyone - anywhere, sea to shining sea.
  • Now it only takes minutes to download large files.
  • Open documents in seconds.
  • Stay connected. Have immediate access to email and social media.
  • Learn online, work online.
  • Be entertained - stream videos, listen to music.
  • Get everything you want online - faster
  • Enjoy HughesNet Gen5 SmartTechnologies included in every plan. SmartTechnologies optimizes data so you can do more and use less.

More Data

  • No matter which plan you select, HughesNet Gen5 gives you more data.
  • You get double the data with HughesNet Gen5
  • Stream video, play music, share photos. With all the data provided by HughesNet you have all you need to browse, view, play and more.
  • Just choose a plan for your lifestyle and go.

Built-in Wi-Fi

  • The latest technology in Wi-Fi (dual-band 802.11ac) assures fast, secure connections.
  • Wi-Fi is installed and supported by Hughes.
  • Guest Wi-Fi provided for your visitors keeps your home system secure.
  • Connect multiple wireless devices at home. Make the whole family happy.
  • Fantastic speeds and great coverage are provided by 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Enjoy Wi-Fi with SmartTechnologies included in every plan. Monitor Data, check Wi-Fi performance and more.

No Hard Data Limits

  • Never worry about your data. With HughesNet, even if you exceed your data, you are still connected at a reduced speed until the next billing cycle.
  • HughesNet will not cut you off if you exceed your data. There are no hard data limits. HughesNet wants you to stay connected.
  • Data tokens are available for purchase to get you back up to speed.

Video Data Saver

  • Watch more and use less data
  • HughesNet Gen5 allows you to watch three times the video with video feature.
  • HughesNet Gen5 adjusts data rates to deliver the highest quality video using less data. Speeds giving DVD quality using less data:
    • Opt in or opt out - Allows the choice of temporarily or permanently opting in or out of the video feature.
    • Snoozing the video quality feature allows you to temporarily opt out for 4 hours.
    • Easily monitor and manage your data usage with the HughesNet Mobile App, Usage Meter, or online Support Center.

Bonus Zones

  • Get up to 50 GB free data every month during Bonus Zone hours (2am - 8am).
  • By utilizing the Bonus Zone hours, you can download large files, movies, system updates and more, all for free from 2am - 8am.
  • There are four new service plans. All plans come with Bonus Zone hours. Pick a plan to suit your needs and take advantage of free off-peak data.

Available Everywhere

  • Get high speed satellite Internet anywhere you live. In town? Out of town? Middle of nowhere? HughesNet Gen5 is there and has you covered coast to coast.
  • No more slow or no Internet. HughesNet Gen5 provides blazing fast 25Mbps downloads.
  • Free Installation


  • HughesNet Gen5 offers affordable data plans that include innovative data saving features that save you money.
  • Work faster and smarter with blazing fast 25Mbps Internet on every plan.

Data-saving Features

  • HughesNet Gen5 includes these data saving features:
    • Automatic adjustment of streaming video for better quality thereby reducing data usage.
    • Automatic compression and optimization of Web content utilizing SmartTechnologies uses less of your data and loads Web pages much faster.
  • Work faster and smarter with blazing fast 25Mbps Internet on every plan.

Secure and Reliable Connection

  • HughesNet is America's most trusted and reliable satellite Internet
  • Your computer receives Internet information securely through your HughesNet Gen5 Wi-Fi modem.
  • With a strong track record in the industry, HughesNet is proud to provide the best in secure service and outstanding customer support.

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