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HughesNet Satellite Internet Services

HughesNet Satellite Internet Just Became Better with Free Standard installation

What could be better than reliable satellite Internet services with incredibly fast page downloads that beats the speeds of other Internet service providers? How about free standard installation! With HughesNet satellite Internet, you obtain free installation and equipment that will be provided by an authorized HughesNet installation technician.

HughesNet Installation Process

In three days after ordering HughesNet satellite Internet services, an authorized installation technician will call to set up an installation time and date that fits into your schedule so you are there when they arrive. Then you can help the technician decide on the best spot to set up the equipment.

When the installation technician arrives at your home, they will bring all the necessary equipment: the HughesNet satellite internet antenna dish, the mounting equipment, the indoor HughesNet satellite modem, the RG-6 dual cable (125-feet long), compression fittings, HughesNet LAN cable, and a grounding block. The technician will place the antenna dish to the roof of your home, side of the house or into the ground where there is an unobstructed view of the southern sky.

Then the technician will drill a small hole into the exterior wall to run the RG-6 dual cable into your home. To prevent moisture-penetration, a compression fitting will be placed around the cable and into the small opening to seal it completely from the outdoor elements.

Next, the technician will place a two-connector faceplate to the inside wall that the RG-6 cable connects to as your HughesNet satellite modem will be installed. Then the modem will be connected to your computer with the HughesNet LAN cable. The entire system is then grounded with the grounding block.

Enjoy Fast Internet Speeds in Your Home

It can take up to two weeks to have your HughesNet Internet services installed into your home based on when the installation date is scheduled. The process itself will take about three to four hours to mount the equipment to your home and make the cable connections. All equipment and standard installation work is free in up to six rooms. Customized installation, such as hooking up a wireless home network, will require additional charges. If you are interested in getting HughesNet services in your home, call our customer representative today.

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