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HughesNet Voice Provides Incredible Phone Quality at Great Rates

HughesNet | Voice

You may love your Internet service through HughesNet while wishing your phone capabilities were just as good. HughesNet is now offering HughesNet Voice, which is a reliable and clear phone service that is transmitted through a satellite mini dish and Internet modem. You will gain access to "Voice over IP" (VOIP) technology with the use of a connected analog telephone adaptor as you get great phone services without needing a landline phone cable.

HughesNet | Voice

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You can receive a range of fantastic phone services while only getting a single bill in the mail. Check out the following key features:

Make Calls to Anywhere: Just like your old phone service, you can make unlimited long distance and local calls with HughesNet Voice. You can call anywhere in the domestic United States as well as Canada. In addition, HughesNet Voice is also offering two optional calling plans so you can make international calls.

Free Equipment: You won't need to pay for any equipment to hook up your satellite phone-calling services. If you are already a HughesNet customer, you can receive all the equipment you need for free.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number: If you don't feel like calling up everyone to give them a new phone number, you typically won't have to with HughesNet Voice. Most customers can keep their existing phone number, or you can change it if you desire.

Available Premium Features: All those premium features that you have come to love with your other phone service -- such as voicemail, caller ID and call waiting -- will still be available for free when you get HughesNet Voice.

Look Over the Awesome Rates When Ordering HughesNet Voice

Order HughesNet Voice today and take advantage of the low service rates of $19.95 a month for the first 3 months. You'll see a savings of up to 45% over the regular landline phone service in your area. Also, check out the international calling plans priced at $9.95 a month for 200 minutes of international calling or for $22.95 per month for unlimited international calling.

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