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Does satellite require a dial-up modem or telephone line?

No. HughesNet Satellite Internet works without using a phone line or dial-up modem.

What types of activities cannot be supported by satellite Internet?

VPN - (virtual private network): VPN usage is not recommended since speed may be reduced up to 70% due to data encryption. As long as the VPN is connected to HughesNet, your online activities will be greatly affected. Disconnecting the VPN will return your speed to normal. The HughesNet technical team does not provide support for problems related to VPN clients.

Substantial Downloading - A service plan that meets your online browsing needs should be chosen to reflect your usage. For ordinary web browsing or staying in touch with family and friends, our entry-level plan would suffice. HughesNet provides plans with higher bandwidth to suit all your needs.

VoIP (voice over Internet) 3rd-party Services - These services do not work well over satellite connections. Along with inferior call quality, these third party VoIP services use your Data Allowance. HughesNet provides HughesNet Voice for home phone service. You get a great connection and HughesNet Voice does not count against your data allowance. Should you choose to use third party VoIP, the free HughesNet Status Meter will help you monitor your usage.

Video Streaming - Gen4 service plans support Netflix. Our most popular service plan will allow you to watch about 15 hours of standard movies per month. The mid-tier plan can provide up to 23 hours of viewing. Since streaming often uses greater amounts of data, make sure to monitor usage with the free HughesNet Status Meter. Watching videos could cause you to go over your allowance. Plans are available to upgrade to higher bandwidth. Netflix and Hulu give you the ability to manage data usage. By adjusting the video quality setting it is possible to double the amount of viewing hours with our mid-tier plan. Get additional bandwidth with HughesNet Tokens according to your needs at $9 per gigabyte. Limitations: Reduction of speed is imposed when a user exceeds data allowance. HD uses higher amounts of data.

Static IP - Residential service does not support Static IP. Contact Hughes business group at 1-866-674-4406 should you require static IP. When using HughesNet for home security, it is recommended to check with the provider to find out if static IP is required.

Video Connections -(Skype*, FaceTime*, Google Chat*) - The Gen4 plans support these video connections. Please monitor your Data Allowance using the free HughesNet Status Meter to be sure you get the best experience.

How reliable is HughesNet Internet?

HughesNet Satellite Internet is always connected. Day or night high speed Internet is at your fingertips. Our customers not only have Internet that's always on, but HughesNet also provides additional perks:

-You get five+ email accounts including up to 2 GB storage.
-HughesNet provides you with virus protection and anti-spam protection.
-Tools to create your own blog.
-You can have your own Web portal that allows you to customize so all your favorites are in one place.
-Manage your account online. Pay your bill, upgrade service, etc.
-Customer and Technical Support are available 24/7. Call, live chat or email. HughesNet team members are always available so you stay connected.

Is HughesNet high speed Internet available where I live?

HughesNet is available throughout the continental United States. (For HughesNet in Alaska, please call 1-888-396-5623). No matter where you live, rural areas or in the city, you can have quality high-speed Internet with HughesNet. No phone line is required. HughesNet is available in areas not served by cable.

Does HughesNet have data allowance policy (Fair Access Policy)?

In order that all HughesNet Gen4 customers receive fair Internet access, Hughes retains a Fair Access Policy. This ensures that all HughesNet subscribers receive equal Internet access. Each HughesNet plan provides a Data Allowance limiting the amount per month of data used. When a subscriber is over the Data Allowance limit, a reduction in download/upload speeds results.

Can I play real-time games with HughesNet?

The satellite Internet signal experiences latency (a half second delay when the signal travels to the satellite and back to your computer). Multi-player games cannot maintain a consistent connection with the server for the game and so are not recommended with HughesNet.

Can I use my gaming system for downloads?

With HughesNet Gen4 you can use many gaming services for downloads such as Xbox LIVE* and Playstation. With these services you can download games and their updates. You can also use the services offered by your gaming system to stream video and music through Netflix* and Hulu*. As a rule, multi-player games will not work with satellite Internet service due to latency. Other non-multiplayer games will work fine.

How quickly can I get HughesNet installed?

Most of our customers will be up and running within 2 weeks. On the day of your order, your information will be sent to our professional, certified HughesNet installer. Your installer will contact you within 3 days of your order. At that time, your installer will help you determine the most convenient date and time to install your equipment.

Satellite Internet, at High Speeds! How Does HughesNet Connect You to the World?

Satellite internet may sound like science fiction, but it's actually been around for a long time. The first steps toward satellite internet
began in 1993, when Hughes Aircroft Co filed a license to launch a specific communications satellite. Other comp
either did not exist, or could not provide the type of data bandwidth that was needed for data intensive work.

Fast forward to 2001, when HughesNet launched its ViaSat-1 satellite system, which increased download speeds from 1 Mbs downloads,
to an astounding 12 Mbps or higher. Those improvements paved the way toward a more consumer friendly communications
solution, and one that could keep pace with the modern demands of the internet as previous satellite internet
providers never could.

The System, at a Glance

On your end, all that's needed is a computer or internet capable device, a modem, and a receiver dish, which HughesNet will install on
your home. If you can see the sky, then you can get our internet services, wherever you are. The placement of your dish will always
be coordinated to provide you with the best connectivity with our orbital satellite systems.

On our end, we've got a wide range of communications systems and personnel that are always working hard to make sure that data is being
relayed properly. Our orbital satellites beam information to and from your dish, and your computer receives information accordingly.
Every e-mail and photo that you send comes fresh from space-- it's a pretty amazing concept, but it's exactly how you send
and receive information on the HughesNet satellite network.

HughesNet provides an “always on” connection that won't require dial-up wait time, won't tie up your phone, and won't drop your internet if
you get an incoming call. The satellite technology used to bring you the internet has been innovated, improved, and is constantly being
upgraded by the HughesNet network itself as well. That means that you can look forward to better experiences every day.

With an eye on creating new satellite technology opportunities, and creating a consumer-friendly option that provides a true, fast online
experience, HughesNet's satellite network can give you some of the fastest speeds around. Check out our plans today, and you'll
find great internet at outstanding prices.

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