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SmartTechnologies Give HughesNet Users the Edge

Since Hughes has been in the Internet business over 40 years, they know a little bit about how to bring you the best possible experience. HughesNet Gen4 is the latest in satellite technology with an even more powerful satellite coming soon! Hughes stays ahead of the pack by providingthe highest capacity satellites built today. That means you get Internet when you want it and how you want it. Slow downs due to high bandwidth traffic are no problem with HughesNet Gen4. This superior satellite is built to handle the highest loads. A strong, steady signal keeps you connected. And, now, HughesNet offers added incentive by helping you save on data allowance!

Enter: SmartTechnologies* - the smart way to get the most out of your data allowance.

SmartBrowsing*: After exceeding your monthly data allowance, SmartBrowsing* takes you a step further by allowing you to continue emailing and browsing. This gives you a smooth transition to the next month or just until you can buy Tokens.

SmartFetch*: This technology causes Web pages to load faster - no more waiting! You can accomplish what you want in less time with less frustration.

SmartCompression*: By shrinking Web content almost 30 percent, you can do more and use less data allowance. Save, save, save!

SmartResources*: Giving you control of your data allowance, you can easily view data usage with the Status Meter. Add more data in a flash with Tokens. You never have to let your data control you!

HughesNet offers SmartTechnologies* as part of Prime Plus, Pro Plus and Max data allowance plans. Choose the plan that fits your needs. HughesNet helpsyou choose by letting you know which package is ideal for your lifestyle. Still not sure? HughesNet staffs the customer support department with highly qualified engineers who can help with all your needs. Call Customer Care any time, day or night and take control your data allowance with SmartTechnologies* from HughesNet.

Tiny Houses and HughesNet - The Perfect Match

The Tiny House movement is exploding in the United States. From ‘snow birds’ to millennials, people are finding these small houses affordable and adaptable to all kinds of lifestyles. Though very small, some less than 100 square feet, the houses have all the comforts of home. Tiny kitchens, loft bedrooms, even roof patios accompany top of the line appliances, cabinetry, and innovative design. One thing that does not come standard is... you guessed it: Internet. HughesNet to the rescue!

Tiny Houses are used for full time residences, offices, and vacation homes. Internet is an absolute must have, even for vacation homes. More and more Americans are working from home and need reliable Internet service 24/7. Even though public Wi-Fi is widely available, data security and privacy are real issues to consider making public Wi-Fi an undesirable option.

Whether you’re on top of a mountain or by the seashore, HughesNet is there. Wherever your Tiny House is parked, HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet is available. You have access to the most powerful satellite network in the business. Work from home with ease using the steady, reliable Internet signal from the EchoStar XVII Satellite. All you need is a HughesNet receiver dish, modem and a clear view of the southern sky.

You can view video, stream music, stay in touch with friends, and, yes-work!

Now you can enjoy HughesNet Gen4 Internet while you’re on a Tiny House vacation, working from the Tiny House office, or just working from your Tiny House home. Call today to get all the details. So many plans are available to suit your needs. Make sure to ask about the new SmartTechnologies offered by HughesNet to help you manage your data. And, HughesNet even offers the EasyCare plan to insure you’re covered should something go awry!

Give yourself the same peace of mind you had when you started Tiny House living. HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet gives you the control of your data and the care of your equipment so all you have to do after work is enjoy!

Working From Home - The New American Workplace

According to Forbes in February, 2013, one in five Americans worked from home. And, the numbers are rising. Some are self-employed entrepreneurs. Some offer customer service or billing for major corporations. Others telecommute as consultants. The freelance workforce is growing faster than any other work from home situation. According to Women in Business, the freelance workforce increased 400 percent from 2005 to 2014! As a whole, the at-home workforce is expected to grow over 65% in the future.

The number one driving force behind all this? Internet, of course. The Internet is available 24/7 so the office is always open. Internet providers are many and varied, offering a variety of Internet access. HughesNet Satellite Internet offers the best technology in the business and delivers top speeds for at-home workers - no matter where they live!

Secondly, the savings for companies is huge. Freelancers reduce the cost of hiring a full or part time employee. The company saves in overhead costs and by not having to provide benefits. Liability for on-site accidents is greatly reduced.

And there are other factors: Employees working from home tend to be more productive and have lower absenteeism. They have more control and do not waste time and energy driving to and from the work site. Not to mention the environmental impact of less automobile emissions, spills, etc. Home based workers tend to work even when feeling ill and can return to work faster after an illness or surgery. Employee satisfaction tends to be higher with at-home workers compared to those tied to the office workspace.

Off-site workers do not have to shut down when power goes out at the main facility during a weather event. The office work can continue without missing a beat with these at-home employees. They don’t have to worry about commuting through wind, ice, or snow.

Flexible hours are definitely a plus when working from home, especially for offices in different time zones. Many employees live in rural areas where job opportunities equal a long commute, which takes time away from family. HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet provides the perfect work at home opportunity in any time zone, anywhere you live.

As long as you have a strong, reliable Internet signal, you can work from home, anywhere! Call HughesNet today to have our qualified engineers help you choose the perfect plan to fit your work and your lifestyle!

Living With Whatever Life Throws at You - An Express Repair Story

Mike was having trouble with his HughesNet Internet connection.

He really needed to access some work files and was having problems.

The data was either loading very slowly, or not at all.

He had already gone through the helpful information online:

  • He checked the Transmit light on the modem (second from top). t was blinking infrequently, meaning it was calibrating transmission to the satellite. Hmm
  • He then checked the Receiving light (just below Transmit light). It was not blinking, meaning he was not receiving transmission.
  • He knew he was not part of a VPN network which slows speeds.
  • No one else was using the network at the same time as Mike.
  • He was certain he was not over his data allowance, the Smart Meter told him that.

Following the online help guide, he decided to look outside. There had not been severe weather lately or he would have assumed weather interference was the problem.

To Mike’s surprise he noticed a large branch had fallen from the tree just over his home and was on top of his HughesNet Gen4 receiver dish! Thank goodness Mike had signed up for Express Repair with HughesNet!

Once the tree removal service had removed the limb, the Express Repair technician was able to fix the problem and Mike was downloading his work files within 24 hours of his call to Express Repair.

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